"The '2 Pure H20' VitaTech Water System provided me with the absolute best water I have ever tasted. Not only did it taste amazing, but it felt lighter in my mouth and way cleaner in general. I actually enjoy drinking water now! It goes right through me and I love the way it makes me feel. Worth every penny!"                                                                                                                                    Alanna Ketler -  Toronto, Ontario

The "2 Pure H20" Water Purifier combines:

  • Up to 99.99% purification (Regular Reverse Osmosis is from 90% to 99%)
  • Restructuring
  • Magnets
  • Earth Minerals to balance to 8.0-9.0pH
  • Stainless Steel Housing, Ultra Violet Light
  • Far Infared Technology
  • Lower Surface Tension for better absorption
No other water system for home use provides all these elements!

Receive FREE! TDS-3 meter with purchase. 

($59.95 CAD Retail value) 

2 Pure H2O VitaTech Water Purification System

Replacement Filters and Other Items for Maintenance


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*Replacement Filter set includes 1 pre-sediment filter, 1 pre-carbon filter and 2 DI filters.


If you are planning to replace the filters yourself rather than have a professional do so, you will need to purchase a filter wrench designed specifically to open the filter encasings, as well as a low pressure PSI meter (0-20PSI) to measure the pressure in your water storage tank.

Be Sure to Choose from Our Selection of Beautiful Taps!

(Contact your agent)

1                  3         4          5          6        7         8   

#1 "Brushed Nickel"

#2 CHROME (comes standard with shipment)

#3 "Polished Nickel"

#4 "Satin Nickel"

#5 "Matte Black"

#6 "Bronze"

#7 "Polished Brass"

#8 "White"


Any tap other than #2 which comes included with the system could be 2-4 weeks extra delivery time.

The taps come with ceramic disks that are washerless (no rubber to wear out) & give superior performance with variable flow and last longer than standard faucets.

Made in the USA ! 


$1,995Each - USD 

Additional Charges:


Shipping: Approximately $95 CAD

Customs Charges: Approximately $75 CAD

Installation: We recommend our contractor for installation within the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

$150 CAD (Price subject to change without notice).

Outside the GTA, please use your own qualified, bonded contractor.


Shipping: Approximately $75 USD

Installation: You choose a qualified, bonded contractor for your installation.

*Other terms and conditions may apply. Please Inquire. Thank you!